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Without your gifts of love, many people will continue to experience pain and suffering for years to come. Your financial partnership with Canvasback will help to change that outcome!


Explore the following options:

A writer once said, "Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heavens storehouse where are treasured the boundless resources of Omnipotence."


Your prayers will be a tremendous help regarding the important work being done across Micronesia.  Please pray for the safety of the many traveling teams, for the successful outcomes regarding each patient, whether in a clinic setting or in surgery. Please pray for a financial blessing which will allow Canvasback to expand and answer the many requests for help coming from other island nations.

In the mission field there is one thing you can always plan on: CHANGE! The most complete planning process always runs into unforeseen problems. Hence, some of the financial needs CB experiences fit into the category of urgently needed.

A recent example: Recently, a critical shipment of supplies was held up in a port half way to the destination. It cost Canvasback thousands of dollars to repack equipment and send it on by air freight to our Super Team in Ebeye who would have been unable to perform critical surgeries without it.

We can continue sharing ‘urgently needed’ stories—as there are many. It happens so often we have decided to create an ongoing fund for such emergencies because, frankly, there are times when we just don’t have the money to cover those emergency situations. Your gift(s) for Urgently Needed will be a major help to many suffering people.


There are many ways to invest your mission dollars that are guaranteed to bring major changes to the lives of the Pacific Island people. Your gifts can actually change an entire community! The projects on this, and following pages, will change from time to time as the work is always fluid and expanding. For that simple reason, your gift designated to “Where needed most" allows Canvasback the greatest latitude to apply the funds where they will be utilized to their fullest at that moment in time.

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For many islanders in Micronesia living with pain and suffering is just part of life. The work of Canvasback Super Teams changes that sad situation for many people, but your help is needed.  Your gifts of love will change lives one miracle at a time. Partner with us today and help those changes become a reality.

Two facts you should know about Canvasback Missions:

  • Your gifts will change lives.
  • Your mission dollars accomplish more and stretch farther!

Legacy Gifts

There are many ways to help provide financial stability to the Ministry. Planning for the future by leaving a legacy gift is a powerful tool to help ensure that the work in Micronesia will continue on. If you would like to provide a long-term gift to Canvasback Missions Inc., there are several options to consider. There are planned gifts which may help you reduce income taxes, avoid capital gains or estate taxes and the list goes on. You may choose to set up an endowment fund which will provide a certain amount of income for the Ministry in perpetuity. There are also other options that could include a life insurance policy, stocks, bonds, gold, or real estate.

Combined Federal Campaign

Canvasback is a highly trusted organization, changing lives and utilizing donor gifts, applying them to their directed use, as evidenced by the following statement received from the Federal Government:


“ATTN:  Canvasback Missions, Inc.

Acceptance by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management for the inclusion in the Fall 2019 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) “

Our CFC Code number is:


Per the Government web site: The CFC is the official workplace giving campaign of the federal government. The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

Canvasback will utilize your gifts, just as we do the gifts of government employees, to bring hope and change to the people Micronesia! Thank you for your help.