Enjoy traveling with us across the blue Pacific Ocean and meet people, many of whom, have suffered in pain for years but are now rejoicing in newness of life. Many of the videos will make you smile, cry, and laugh—almost at the same time. These programs will be aired on various networks. Check out the short takes below.

Pack Your Bags

Pack your bags and join your Host Jim Ayer as he travels the island nations of Micronesia. You will be amazed at the beauty, history, and culture of this amazing corner of the world. You will be introduced to the Eel People, and many others people you will not soon forget.

Jim Ayer in hat

Jim Ayer, VP Advancement

Island Life

  1. A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words
  2. The Amazing Volunteer
  3. The Difference She is Making
  4. Volunteers and Waterfalls
  5. More Coming Soon...

You Don't Want to Miss These

Videos from the Micronesia Islands. Grab your bag of popcorn and enjoy!

A Smile Worth a Thousand Words

His wife refused to let him in the door. "You are not my husband! My husband is ugly. You are not coming in."


Video Coming Soon


She has performed this technique more than 30,000 times. This video is not for the squeamish, however.

Coming Soon

The Amazing Volunteer

Get our own guided tour in the operating room as Doctor "Jack" shares the inside story regarding surgeries in Palau.

Be Part of The Island Miracle

There is more than one way to engage in mission work for Canvasback