Legacy Gifts

There are many ways to help provide financial stability to the Ministry.


Planning for the future by leaving a legacy gift is a powerful tool to help ensure that the work in Micronesia will continue on.

If you would like to provide a long-term gift to Canvasback Missions, there are several options to consider. There are planned gifts which may help you reduce income taxes, avoid capital gains or estate taxes and the list goes on. You may choose to set up an endowment fund which will provide a certain amount of income for the Ministry in perpetuity. There are also other options that could include a life insurance policy, stocks, bonds, gold, or real estate.

As a potential legacy giver, Canvasback encourages you to speak with a financial advisor and a Canvasback representative to determine which legacy giving options will most effective in meeting your goals for your family and the needs of the people of Micronesia.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are designed to fit within a donor’s comprehensive estate plans, fulfilling the donor’s philanthropic goals, reducing income taxes, avoiding capital gains or estate taxes, and retaining lifetime income if desired, all the while helping to guarantee Canvasback’s future financial support. Common forms of planned giving include charitable gift annuities and donor advised funds.


An endowment is permanently held capital. Depending on the guidelines established for each particular endowment, income and/or principal from the endowment can be used to support the ministry’s work. An endowment provides a secure source of long-term funding.


Non-traditional Gifts

Non-traditional gifts to Canvasback could include gifts of personal property, life insurance policies, retirement plans, real estate, appreciated stocks, gold and other assets. Canvasback would be happy to discuss these and other options with you.