Islander, Lee Pero shared:

“When I started the Canvasback program, my sugar level was high, 299-350 and so was my blood pressure.  After following the program, my blood pressure went down to 109/70. I also had difficulties in breathing but no more. I see good results and I feel great!

“I give thanks to the Canvasback Wellness Center program because I have experienced the greatness of your work. All I have learned from you has really helped. My wife is also a diabetic and I am now asking if she can be included in your program.”


Mission Dollars At Work

There are many ways to invest your mission dollars that are guaranteed to bring major changes to the lives of the Pacific Island people. Your gifts can actually change an entire community! The projects on this, and following pages, will change from time to time as the work is always fluid and expanding. For that simple reason, your gift designated to “Where needed most" allows Canvasback the greatest latitude to apply the funds where they will be utilized to their fullest at that moment in time.

We do, however, encourage you to also look over the list of projects to find the one or ones that touch your heart the most. We can assure you that wherever you place your mission dollars, they will be stretched to the max to provide the greatest benefit for those who need it most. Remember, many people live with pain and suffering for 20-30 years or more until a Canvasback Super Team arrives to provide them with love and physical relief.

Did You Know

Setting up an automatic monthly credit card gift means less staff time is needed to process your gift and more money goes directly to the mission field to change hearts and lives.

Your gift of $1,000 will enable our eye specialists to restore sight to the blind. A 6-year old boy was brought to our surgical Super Team. He had been blind from birth. Soon after the operation, he experienced the joy of playing basketball with his older brother. Needless to say, there were many tears of joy and thanks.