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Can We Tell You A Story?

From iPhone clips to professionally shoot footage, you will see Micronesia and meet the people as seen through the eyes of the volunteer when working on Palau, Majuro, Ebeye, Pohnpei, and more.

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Mission Specialties

Videos and stories from the recent mission trips to islands in the Micronesia Islands





Ears, Nose, and Throat

Historical Videos

Since much of this footage was shot long ago, you will see that the quality is not up to today’s 4K standards, BUT you will also discover that there is a tremendous amount of great content to be seen. Grab your bag of popcorn and enjoy!


OnBoard Magazine

As soon as you open the first page of On Board Magazine, you will be ushered into the center of the action—the heart of the Canvasback mission.  You will hear, from the lips of the Islanders, remarkable stories of changed hearts and lives. You will behold, through the lens of the camera, the wonderful people of Micronesia. Subscribe today and the vibrant colors of Island life, dancing from cover to cover, will be yours.

Online Stories


Wellness Center

To say that the Canvasback Wellness Center is changing the island of Majuro is probably an understatement. They may be on the way to changing the health of Micronesia. Diabetes is the number 1 killer in the islands and because of the work being do by our team in that region—reversing diabetes—many other islands are asking us to “come over and help them.”  You’ll enjoy the stories and personal testimonies.

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"I was in a wheelchair but all that changed."

“I suffered a stroke because of my diabetes and was in a wheelchair.  I could not walk. After joining the Canvasback Diabetes Wellness Program for six months, I left my wheelchair and am walking on my own again. This program has given me more than I ever thought possible. I am healthier now than I have been in many years. Please provide funding for this program for the sake of the people of the Marshall Islands. It provides us with the greatest hope we have had. Please, we beg you to help us.”


Help the many Freds of Micronesia today

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