Micronesia Island Mission Update

March 19, 2020

Canvasback was ahead of the curve by addressing the COVID-19 virus situation in February. How? We normally send Super Team supplies via containers placed on sea freighters, but we took extra precautions for potential contamination by air-freighting supplies to Majuro. This was done before the virus had become a global issue.

As this pandemic causes the world to recoil in fear, the repercussions are more than viral. We have been forced to cut the March Gynecology mission trip for the health of all. We have just received notice that the Republic of Palau has put a hold on all specialty teams. We expect that the rest of Micronesia will follow Palau’s directive. Unfortunately, this will result in thousands of children and adults continuing to suffer for the foreseeable future.

The Canvasback team desires to do all that is within our power to help the people of Micronesia. In good conscience, we will reschedule teams. We don’t want to hinder the healing and positive health efforts of the local island medical community by spreading the COVID-19 virus. Canvasback Missions would rather reschedule Super Teams than to place undeniable strain on their medical communities by bringing the virus to their islands.

Please keep Canvasback Missions in your prayers and ESPECIALLY keep our Micronesian brothers and sisters in your prayers too.


Jamie Spence, President, Co-Founder